Our Conversations

Our time together will consist of three sessions that will bring hands-on activities like picture study,  composer study and object lesson in nature  for each attendee to participate in ,while we enjoy a day amongst “friends.”

A Morning Plenary:

The Great Recognition Plenary with Emily Kiser

As we get caught up in the day by day details of home educating our children, it is easy to become discouraged, disheartened, and overwhelmed by the seemingly endless and enormous task before us. Emily Kiser will share with us Charlotte Mason’s inspiring and reassuring vision of education as described in her Great Recognition. An understanding of this philosophic principle of her method gives peace and joy as we all need to remember that the Holy Spirit is the true educator of our children.

Afternoon Workshops:

Lesson Planning in a Living Education with Liz Cottrill

It’s one thing to choose the subjects and find the books, plan a schedule and gather the children, but then what is the teacher expected to do to bring out the most in the day to day lessons? Is reading and narration really all there is? There are practical principles and specific tips for getting through the lessons with delight and enthusiasm rather than with a haphazard or unprepared approach. This workshop will address the general guidelines as well as many specifics for facing your school day with intention rather than uncertainty.

Scheduling 201: A home schoolroom managed on sound principles with Nicole Williams 
Charlotte Mason gave us very specific guidelines for how a homeschool family’s daily schedule should run, including morning lessons and afternoon occupations. But for some people, the idea of creating and following a schedule can be daunting. Join me as I show you how Mason’s schedule actually allows for freedom and serenity in your day.