Reading Group

Golden Hours of Delight:

Bringing joy and truth into each moment of life.


Monthly Discussion Group:

(of Volumes 1-6 of Miss Charlotte M. Mason’s books)

A gathering of encouragement, truth & goodness will be meeting on the SECOND (note the new day of the month!!) Saturday of each month from 9:30 to 11:00am at Panera Bread in Gastonia, NC (conveniently located right off Interstate 85 minutes outside of Mecklenburg County, Cleveland County & York County)…please email for further information and to be added to an email list (that updates any date changes, as I am a momma of five young gals and life is very full.)

***October we will be meeting the second Saturday ***

Placing a framework for our sharing…(please try to read, but always come and delight in refreshing company and encouraging embraces)

August 19
“Home Education ” : Part I

September 16
“Home Education”: beginning of Part II (only through pages 68- “The Child Gets Knowledge By Means of His Senses)

October 14 (please note this is the 2nd Saturday)
“Home Education”: second portion of Part II

November 18
“Home Education ” : Part III (only through page 134-“Physical Exercises”)

December 16
“Home Education”: Part IV

2018 Reading Plan:

January 13

“Home Education”, Part V: pp. 169-233 (through ‘The Art of Narrating’) & “Ourselves: Book 1”:

February 10

“Home Education”, Part V: pp. 233-316 & “Ourselves: Book 1”:

March 10

“Home Education “, Part VI: pp. 317-352 & “Ourselves: Book 1”:

Additionally, lets “plant our feet” in the volume Miss Mason wrote for her students, “Ourselves,” (Volume 4), slowly reading two chapters a month will allow for a lovely devotional as we come together each time. (Please try and read two chapters before each book group.). My hope would be for us to finish both Book 1 & 2 over the course of reading through Volumes 1-3, & 5-6. (A lovely article filled with a mother’s heart and devotion was written about why Volume 6 is not where one should start, it is not to be missed- “The Truth About Volume 6” by Morgan Conner, May 5, 2017 (to be found on at

I am going to come with a commonplace entry (simply a sentence or passage or even only a short phrase that Miss Mason gives in the reading selection for the month). This may be a nice way to help us stay connected in the volumes when we are in discussion each month. If you do not already have a commonplace book a simple journal will work well. Adding to it as you come to something that speaks to you personally.