The ladies of A Delectable Education podcasts


Liz Cottrill

She is mother of six, grandmother of 10, and has been
homeschooling over 30 years. With her daughter Emily, she operates the
Living Books Library, lending books to 50 families in her southwest
Virginia area, and encouraging other homeschool librarians around the
world. Devoted to teaching and supporting Mason educators, she
co-hosts A Delectable Education podcast with Emily Kiser and Nicole



Emily Kiser

She lives and works with her husband and two small sons on an Organic farm in the southwestern Virginia mountains. For the past eleven years she has operated a private lending library for homeschooling families full of living books. In that capacity she became acquainted with the teaching methods of Charlotte Mason and has devoted herself to learning as much as possible about the philosophy and practice of that great educational pioneer. It has been her great delight to help families implement the Charlotte Mason model of education locally through the Living Books Library, regionally by teaching seminars, and beyond with her Picture Study Portfolios and A Delectable Education Podcast. A perpetual student herself, Emily can imagine no greater joy than to share in the educational journey of her own children as they enjoy the feast of ideas and build relationships in as many directions as possible.



Nicole Williams

Besides homeschooling her own three children for the past 12 years, for half that time Nicole also taught four other children who had rejected traditional education. Seeing Mason’s philosophy and method renew those children’s love of learning provoked her to share her experiences with others. Now she writes a blog called Sabbath Mood Homeschool, co-hosts the podcast A Delectable Education, leads a CM study group in her home, and has had the opportunity to write a K-12 science curriculum for a CM school. Nicole is so convinced that Charlotte Mason’s method enables every person to find joy in being a lifelong learner, that she follows her own “mom-curriculum” so she may be nourished with the broad feast herself.