Blessings of Shining Eyes

Each day I am reminded of my husband and my decision to listen to the Holy Spirit’s calling…”stay where you are at and begin schooling your daughter.”  Over six years ago we were talking, praying and frantically researching what are the options for our daughter’s schooling years.  Although, homeschooling was never apart of either my husband or my past, the idea of having her being in our home and guided by our hands and choices sounded lovely and oh, so overwhelming.   Well, we planted our feet in home educating and have never left.  It is not easy, but it has given our family joy and delight.

Our journey has been rocky…mama of five daughters all two years or less apart…and I have been saddled with the “burden” of having to know it all…or have I?  A little over four years ago, I found a moment to open a volume of Charlotte Mason’s, “Home Education” and have not looked back.  I read through the motto that she held to, “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline and a life.”  I took a deep breath  and have slowly journeyed within her writings ever since.  Could a true, real education be as alive and full as this phrase spoke?  What would this look like and Why would I chose it?

Although, our family has changed from schooling one daughter to now having four school age daughters and a playful preschooler to add to our giggles, I am delighted with each day that we fill our minds and hearts with the bountiful feast of living ideas that Miss Mason’s principles have lead our family to discover.  As I feel as much like a student (of life) as each of my daughters…I am overjoyed to say, ‘”I am, I can, I ought, and I will,”‘ through the gift of listening and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide each area of my life and our families day.

However, in reality I am never perfect and always lacking…patience, strength and so much more.  I am so excited each time I am able to plant my feet in times of encouragement and truth…so without further delay…

On this incredible journey I was blessed to meet Liz Cottrill and her daughter, Emily Kiser a few years back and more recently Nicole Williams.  These three ladies bring such warmth and joy to each principle of Miss Mason’s and have been such an encouragement to so many, including myself with their podcast and consulting services.  It is my pleasure to share in a day listening and learning with each of these ladies.

Please join us in the foothills of NC (right outside the city of Charlotte, NC) for a Saturday filled with smiles and delights.  Be uplifted through the encouragement and truth that these ladies bring from their own time in Miss Mason’s writings, her multitude of PENU articles and archives from the Ambleside schools and years of personal research, coming together to lead us in a time of placing ourselves in golden hours of delight.

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