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Monthly Discussion Group:

Volumes 1-6 of Miss Charlotte M. Mason

We are beginning Volume 4 “Ourselves” in February 2020.

*A gathering of encouragement, truth & goodness will be meeting on the SECOND Tuesday evening of each month from 8:00-9:00pm online, via Zoom. Please email Vanessa Kijewski at for further information and to be added to an email list for an invite to join in our meeting time.

During August 2017- March 2018 we walked through Volume 1 of “Home Education” by Charlotte M. Mason.  It was a such a wonderful time of fellowship and discussion each month.  We paused for May- July to be with family, assimilate and refresh ourselves & family with our new knowledge. Thereafter, we coursed through Volume 2, “Parents and Childern,”  taking time to look at and reflect on the fresco in Florence, Italy that holds so much; assimilated the Great Recognition through picture study & talk as we concluded our time in January of 2019. After a wonderful season of meeting in “real” life each month at the Gastonia, NC Panera Bread, we took a shift and began meeting monthly via Zoom for a video platform style time.  We coursed through Volume 3, “School Education,” met new mamas from other far away places & had a lovely Mother Culture morning at a local french bakery.

On February 11, 2020 we will begin with Volume 4, “Ourselves” by Charlotte M. Mason.  Let’s all try to read, but always come and delight in refreshing company and encouraging “embraces,” no matter what. Please come as you are PJs are okay here .


February: Chapters 1-3, plus re-read the 
20 Principles 


           March: Chapters 1-5


April: Chapters 1-4

May: Chapters 5-8


June: Chapters 1-4

BREAK in JULY for a month of summer adventures with Family

August: Chapters 5-8

September: Chapters 9-12

October: Chapters 13- 16

November: Chapters 17-end

ADDITIONALLY, please come with a commonplace entry from the current volume’s reading portion (simply a sentence or passage or even only a short phrase that Miss Mason gives in the reading selection for the month). This will be a nice way to help us stay connected in the volumes when we are in discussion each month. If you do not already have a commonplace book a simple journal will work well. Adding to it as you come to something that speaks to you personally, whether in the volumes or any other book you may be reading through.

 (A lovely article filled with a mother’s heart and devotion was written about where to begin when reading through all six volumes of Miss Mason’s Education Series- “The Truth About Volume 6” by Morgan Conner, May 5, 2017 (to be found on at